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Navigating the Unknown: A CIO's Guide to Initiating the AI Journey in an Immature Organization

Revolutionizing Finance: How ServiceNow Financial Services Operations Accelerates the Path to AI

Journey to Efficiency: Unveiling the Steps in Automation Using the Automation Maturity Model

  Navigating the Path to Automation Excellence   In a world where efficiency,

Simplifying the Delivery of AI: Best Practices for Effective Implementation

With limited expertise and best practices in the marketplace, implementing AI can be a complex endeavor. In this blog,

Elevating Customer Experience: Adopting AI at Scale with ServiceNow NOW Assist and AIOps

Revolutionizing Service Delivery for Unprecedented Customer Satisfaction

AIOps: Launching with Purpose!

Chris Cosentino, President of Contender Solutions

Misunderstanding Staff Augmentation Could Be Delaying Your Growth Objectives & ServiceNow ROI.

We hear it more often than we’d like, “Isn’t Staffing and Staff Augmentation

Top 4 Benefits of Leveraging Staff Augmentation for ServiceNow Initiatives

ServiceNow Staff augmentation is a valuable outsourcing strategy used by companies when large-scale or important projects

Positioning Your Team For ServiceNow Success through Staff Augmentation

Hiring and positioning the right talent for success is one of the most difficult challenges business leaders face today, regardless of company size or growth goals. This is