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ELEVATE | Predictive enables ServiceNow customers to scale operations through predictive intelligence and deflection.

Introducing ELEVATE | Predictive Unlocking the full potential of Predictive Intelligence in ServiceNow For IT organizations

Introducing ELEVATE!  Contender Solution's ServiceNow Delivery Programs for IT Excellence

Contender Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of our new

IT Budget Management Basics (+Best Practices)

Your company’s information technology budget can have an enormous impact on organizational agility. In particular, it can play a vital role in ensuring that the organization

5 IT Goal Examples + Tips for Aligning Them with Business Objectives

Many businesses can set IT goals easily enough, but still struggle to meet those goals when the time comes. Setting an information technology strategy plan can be an enormous endeavor, one that requires a comprehensive understanding of how to align IT

6 Customer Success Best Practices for CIOs (+Top Tools)

Customer success management can be a critical part of a company’s success. By helping customers achieve their goals, businesses can earn repeat business from customers they’ve helped, create case studies to demonstrate their value to others, and gain

How to Adopt a Successful Cyber Resilience Strategy

Businesses often face cyber threats. Cybercriminals often target a company’s data so they can steal sensitive information and use it to turn a profit. Other times, they may try to render a business incapable of operating normally. Either way,

How AIOps Empowers Your IT Team to Reduce Vulnerabilities

In any IT environment, there are vulnerabilities and threats that a business needs to watch out for to prevent security breaches or ensure the availability of key IT services. Also, because no defense is perfect, organizations need to have an incident

8 IT Risk Management Best Practices You Need for Business Resilience

For any business, finding ways to manage risks is crucial for ensuring long-term success. This is especially true of IT risks. In recent years, IT has become an indispensable part of business operations because it

5 DevOps and Security Best Practices for Improving Business Agility

Product development, change management, and security. For a long time, these three things have been at odds in many organizations. For example, change