ELEVATE | Predictive enables ServiceNow customers to scale operations through predictive intelligence and deflection.

elevate | predictive enables servicenow customers to scale operations through predictive intelligence and deflection.

Written By: Contender Solutions

Introducing ELEVATE | Predictive

Unlocking the full potential of Predictive Intelligence in ServiceNow

For IT organizations already using ServiceNow ITSM, unlocking the Predictive Intelligence capabilities available in Now is very likely the best and fastest way to bring the power of AI to a growing enterprise. This can only be achieved however, when an organization seeks to better understand and achieve command of their available data and capabilities in Now to measurable business values and outcomes. Contender Solutions’ predictive service operations program (branded ELEVATE | Predictive) starts by creating a clear picture of the current state, using a client’s ServiceNow data to build a progressive implementation plan for automation, and leveraging predictive intelligence that can adapt quickly to the needs of an expanding enterprise.


Why ELEVATE | Predictive is perfectly timed for the ServiceNow market.


“The global machine learning market is projected to grow from $7.3B in 2020 to $30.6B in 2024, attaining a CAGR of 43%.”
- Forbes


While we currently live in an age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, many IT organizations leveraging ServiceNow are still challenged by common barriers that have inhibited their path towards unlocking the platform’s automation and predictive intelligence capabilities. We have found that many of our clients had a vision for automation and predictive intelligence that stalled somewhere in the earlier stages of maturity.

These clients not only needed solutions that can deal with common barriers head-on but be matched with a sustainable activation approach and expertise that would maximize value recognition today while driving prioritized, cost managed outcomes through maturity.


How Do We Achieve Greater Value Recognition?

We Start by Making Your Own Data Actionable.


Having a prioritized plan for intelligent automation is the first step towards implementing a plan that drives the outcomes and ROI that AI has to offer but the journey begins by leveraging your own data to create that plan. For a limited time, Contender Solutions is offering a complementary assessment in-order-to guide your best path forward.