Introducing ELEVATE!  Contender Solution's ServiceNow Delivery Programs for IT Excellence

introducing elevate! contender solution's servicenow delivery programs for it excellence

Written By: Contender Solutions

Contender Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of our new ELEVATE programs. ELEVATE is a fitting brand category for these new programs as each program is designed to drive measurable value recognition and a progressive path towards business elevation and cost management.

The four initial programs rolling out under the ELEVATE brand are currently categorized into the following areas of excellence:

  • Predictive Service Operations
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM)
  • Configuration Management (CMDB Management)
  • Supplier Connect

We have all seen and felt the disruption caused by pandemic related market shifts and new norms in work. This disruption has ultimately impacted our client's priorities, economic realities and sensitivities to cost. We took this period of disruption as an opportunity and our team of ServiceNow experts found success through adaptation and innovation.

Together, we worked our way through the peak of a crisis, seeking new ways to maximize the potential, value and returns found within ServiceNow. We were successful. Having demonstrated measurable value and new paths towards organizational growth, we then bent our focus on scaling these success models.

The outcome of this effort is ELEVATE.