Positioning Your Team For ServiceNow Success through Staff Augmentation

positioning your team for servicenow success through staff augmentation

Written By: Contender Solutions

Hiring and positioning the right talent for success is one of the most difficult challenges business leaders face today, regardless of company size or growth goals. This is especially true for enterprise IT leaders seeking to drive transformation and growth through the robust ServiceNow platform, given the demand and competitive market for highly skilled ServiceNow talent.

Staff augmentation has quickly grown as a valuable alternative to making full-time ServiceNow hires, particularly for those companies looking to scale on a tight timeline. Staff Augmentation it isn’t always the best choice, so In this article, we’ll walk you through the scenarios that really help shape success so you can gauge which path is appropriate for filling your ServiceNow initiatives and successfully driving towards your strategic objectives.


What are the Scenarios Best Suited to Staff Augmentation vs Full-Time Hires?


Staff Augmentation Scenario

Staff augmentation is best utilized for specific ServiceNow implementations and component expansions and has objectives that can be clearly defined with specific goals and end dates. Timing and prioritization is particularly important for making a Staff Augmentation, as the typical recruitment and onboarding time for ServiceNow talent exceeds 90+ days. Recruitment cost and the high cost of a mis-hire are factors frequently missed when approaching the initiative with a full-time hire mindset alone.


Full-Time Hire Scenario

Full-time hires are best for ongoing business functions that require high skill and dedication over time. This can be weighed against scalable Managed Service programs, but that is a topic we will address in another article. In the full-time hire context, having ServiceNow expertise within the project management functions should already be a part of your in-house team. They will need dedicated bandwidth to drive the initiative to completion, maintain it properly, and reach higher maturity levels.


What are the Benefits of Staff Augmentation?

Cost Effective:

Staff augmentation can help IT enterprises cut costs or create cost efficiencies while adding specialized expertise. Through Staff Augmentation, businesses don’t have to invest in recruiting or provide employer benefits or taxes. It also reduces the time and cost of training and onboarding.


Scalability & Flexibility:

The scalability of your organization is greatly impacted by staff augmentation services. Staff Augmentation enables the organization to take on new module and projects of all sizes while allowing in-house teams to focus on client engagements or other strategic initiatives. With Staff augmentation, businesses scale the size of your work force according to strategic need and demands. It also helps you to diversify your services and provide great quality solutions with the expertise gained from the temporary staff.



Staff Augmentation allows you to control and monitor your project and IP at all. Staff Augmentation is different than outsourced staffing. When you have outsourced your project completely, you will not be able to track the progress of your project and quality of implementation. Staff augmentation allows IT managers to place the augmentation talent towards specific requirements to improve the efficiency and success of the project.


Reduce Attrition:

The need for ServiceNow staff augmentation arises in many situations because of unexpected turnover. Staff Augmentation allows enterprises to maintain their drive toward crucial projects and delivery times.


Regardless of how fast technology advances, business is driven by the expertise of people. Staff augmentation can be a “Win/Win” solution in the right situation as it allows companies to remain properly sourced at all times and focus on growth while the talent is able to put their skills and expertise to appropriate and fulfilling use.