Top 4 Benefits of Leveraging Staff Augmentation for ServiceNow Initiatives

top 4 benefits of leveraging staff augmentation for servicenow initiatives

Written By: Contender Solutions

ServiceNow Staff augmentation is a valuable outsourcing strategy used by companies when large-scale or important projects require specialized and highly in-demand talent to meet mission critical outcomes. As the name implies, companies augment their existing team skills with appropriately aligned ServiceNow expertise and skills in-order-to execute and drive growth more efficiently within the organization.

The benefits of staff augmentation services are many and it is a cost-effective talent strategy that results in faster scalability for a business. It doesn’t require companies to compromise on the quality or talent of professionals they hire for a short-term but critical initiative. For some companies, these advantages are hidden behind confusion over what staff augmentation can do for a business. 

So here are four cornerstone benefits of leveraging staff augmentation for ServiceNow initiatives:

  1. It Saves The Business Money

Hiring full-time ServiceNow talent for the purpose of working on a specific project costs more time, money, and effort than necessary. Instead, companies can augment their existing teams with specialized ServiceNow professionals to work with 100% dedication to a project. This avoids expenses associated with recruitment, salaries, benefits and other costs of hiring someone full-time. Staff augmentation gives companies the option to hire Contender ServiceNow expertise for the immediate and specific needs of the business without compromising on the quality of talent.

  1. It Allows The Business To Scale Faster

ServiceNow staff augmentation allows you to scale your workforce in a cost-effective way. By cutting down on costs while still hiring top talent for specific projects, companies can scale their business faster than if they were to hire new, full-time employees. The current recruitment and hiring new ServiceNow talent takes more than a 90 days and with onboarding companies may find the ramp up of the new hire taking as much as 6 months.. In most industries, a company’s workload is ever-changing in size. Staff augmentation is the perfect solution to managing ongoing and upcoming demands on a project-by-project basis. ServiceNow staff augmentation means taking on more business and achieving outcomes now, without sacrificing the quality or timelines of your project.

  1. It Gives You More Control

Short-term projects or progressive milestone initiatives are ideal for staff augmentation talent who only need to work for a set amount of hours. Staffing augmentation services, then, give companies the chance to hire based on specific skills. This gives companies expert talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring a salaried professional for full-time work. Companies can identify the skills or areas in which their permanent workforce needs maintain a focus on, and tailor their staff augmentation to fit skill gaps. Staff augmentation allows businesses to maintain the confidentiality of their projects and drive project management.

  1. It Provides an Objective Perspective

Sometimes having an outsider’s’ perspective with real expertise, may be useful to a company with ongoing projects. Adding expert talent, even on a project bases can illuminate suggestions for improvement to a projects or reveal best-practices that permanent staff may be too engaged in their own day-to-day work to realize. Contender’s staff augmentation talent are “trusted advisors” and will voice observations that can increase productivity.


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