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3 Reasons CIOs Should Care About Customer Success Operations

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and their equivalents in businesses of all sizes are generally concerned with one thing: keeping the lights on in the IT department. Between managing technology upgrades, data migrations, IT asset management (ITAM),

How ITSM and ITIL Are Different (+How They Support Your Business Growth)

There are a lot of IT-related acronyms floating around: ITSM, ITIL, ITX, ITOM, CMDB… the list goes on and on. Navigating the IT landscape requires having a strong understanding of what these IT services and practices all mean, how they relate to

3 Ways IT Transformation Can Help Grow Your Business

Staying agile is essential for businesses in all industries. Technologies are evolving quickly. Because of this, so are your customers’ expectations and needs. People don’t just like having fast delivery of products and

Secureworks to ServiceNow - Bridging the Gap

Author: Stephen Laseau, Practice Lead - SecOps and GRC at Contender Solutions Secureworks, a subsidiary of Dell

When is More not Better?

Author: Scott Freitas, VP of Value Realization at Contender Solutions

What Makes a Good HR Service?

Author: Mike Forward, Solution Architect, Contender Solutions

Webinar: CMDB Baby Steps - Learning to Crawl

Join us for a deeper technical dive into the CSDM framework when structuring your CMDB. Learn how Contender's engagement model can take you from building a foundation to learning how to transition to the "Crawl" stage. The experts at Contender

Webinar: It's not a CMDB!

As Digital Transformation Strategies become the norm across the enterprise two paths tend to emerge for IT. Either "Legacy" thinking stands in the way of innovation OR "Adoption & Change" take the lead allowing IT to speak the language of