Townhall: Deliver Value through a Next Level CMDB

townhall: deliver value through a next level cmdb

Written By: Contender Solutions

Deliver Value

Town Hall Event: Thursday, November 5th at 3:00 pm EST

Join us for the final session of our CMDB webinar series! In this session, we hosting a live Town Hall and will present the value of aligning your CMDB to your business initiatives and organizational goals. We'll discuss the various challenges executives face in Enterprise IT such as reducing the costs of managing IT services and accelerating business transformation. Our Contender speakers will explain how to justify the business value behind a successful Common Data Service Model (CSDM) and provide real ROI while reducing overall long-term costs.

Areas of Focus:

  • Defining CMDB Business Values delivered by varying maturity level
  • Engaging Business Stakeholders & Executives on value, "buy-in", and the CMDB vision
  • Business justification planning and strategy
  • Challenges, proactive focus, and planning for the expected

Our Speakers:

Rodney Penny, Project Manager & ITAM Specialist at Contender Solutions

Chris Cosentino, VP of Business Strategy at Contender Solutions

Join us for this last event of the CMDB series that breaks down the barriers facing IT Executives and Operations teams today. This session will be recorded and include live Q&A discussion. Please pass this invitation to others in your organization who could benefit from participating.

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